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Archon-Automated Test Manager

Archon-Automated Test Manager

Core Functions

  • Instrument management
  •  Test IP development management
  • Test plan development management
  • Test report

Use Cases

  • FCT test
  • Chip test and module test
  • Automated production line


Archon is a turnkey test execution management software for organizing, controlling and executing automated prototyping, verification or manufacturing test system. Archon is the core software of the test operating system.

Software Interfaces

Archon can automatically discover instruments and simply control and manage instruments. It has plenty of system APIs, such as connection management API and test result judgment API, etc., which improves development efficiency. Graphical drag-and-drop operations and automatic completion can reduce development difficulty. Test cases can be saved using CVS and Python for editing and version management.

Archon supports two modes of distributed deployment, sequential execution and parallel execution, flexibly adapting to various production test scenarios. The test result data can be stored in the database for visual analysis or exported and saved in user’s local device through a custom template.