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Portable Instrument Application Scenarios

The portable instrument is a multi-functional simple instrument embedded with Xilinx Zynq. DC voltage measurement function (DVM), multi-range DC current measurement function (DCM), dual-channel oscilloscope

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USB Type-C Comprehensive Tester Application Scenarios

The USB Type-C comprehensive tester covers all the functions required for the testing of the product. The internal switching signal access of the instrument enables the automatic positive and negative insertion test, so that the required function test can be completed by a one-time insertion, avoiding the risks of USB Type-C interface physical wear, scratches, damage and others due to multiple plugging and unplugging processes on DUT (Device Under Test).

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Edge Computer Products

The Edge computer has built-in artificial intelligent chip, image acquisition unit, image processing unit and data transmission unit. The device analyzes and processes the previous video stream and data information and then send the structured data to the server for the secondary integration analysis.

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Intelligent Micro Industrial Camera

Brontes is a high-performance QR code scanner that integrate the computing unit, imaging unit, power supply circuit and autofocus lens into an aluminum alloy machine. Argos is a high-performance smart camera that compresses PC-level CPU, high-performance GPU, ISP image processor, AI accelerator, memory, fill light and M12 autofocus lens into an aluminum alloy machine body.

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Horus AI Camera

Horus is a set of software and hardware platforms customized for AI cameras. With an RV1126 quad-core processor, these platforms use mature software and hardware designs, have stable quality, and provide cost-effective solutions that help our customers accelerate their productization process and enable rapid product deployment to seize market opportunities.

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