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  • Xilinx ZYNQ-7000 series FPGA control module
  • Diversified DUT power supply; high-precision multimeter module
  • Oscilloscope module and arbitrary waveform generator module for high-speed and high-precision measurement
  • Optional radio frequency switch, and audio signal source and audio analyzer module
  • Rapidly deployable test platform software, supporting test plan import, development, and execution management
  • Good scalability, supporting other standard instruments through plug-ins
  • Efficient data management, supporting MES integration, product test data analysis, and report output
  • Provide custom function extensions for professional users


The SG2809 TestBench is a comprehensive tester, which offers excellent scalability and a wide range of interfaces. Customers can use different test fixtures according to different PCBA product test requirements. By changing different test fixtures, the production line can be quickly switched. This product integrates the main control board module, digital multimeter (DMM) module, audio board module, signal generator module, oscilloscope module, and power board module, which can provide a variety of comprehensive functional tests for different products. The relay switch is built in the TestBench, which can manage, switch and connect to the corresponding test points of the DUT. This product is equipped with an automated test platform (Archon). Archon is a software platform for developing, running, and managing test plans and test cases, and supports MES integration. This product can be widely used in electronic product PCBA R&D debugging, NPI, and production testing, and can replace product debugging racks, saving the labor cost of the production line, shortening the testing time, increasing production capacity, and providing economical testing solutions.

Basic Parameters

Resistance Measurement 0 – 100 MΩ,Precision 0.1%  FS(Up to 120 points)
Voltage Measurement -60 V – 60 V,Precision 0.01% FS(Up to 120 points)
Current Measurement 0 – 3 A, Precision 0.1% FS(Up to 23)
Single-ended, Differential Audio Output and Measurement Frequency, amplitude, THD, THD+N (up to 15 pairs of differential audio, single-ended audio up to 120 points)
Signal Source Output Sine wave/square wave, adjustable frequency amplitude (up to 15 points output)
Signal Measurement 1KHz-30Mhz signal measurement (up to 120 points)
Power Output 1.8 V/0.5 A,3.3 V/1 A,+5 V/1 A,-5 V/0.3 A,

+12 V/1 A,-12 V/0.3 A,(2 V-20 V)/5 A,24 V/1 A

Number of Pins Supported More than 120 analog points (data communication is multiplexed at this pin point), 4 channels each for IIC and SPI, 16 DO provided; keyboard simulation support 6*6 matrix keyboard.
IIC, SPI Communication Bus IIC and SPI have two external channels, which can be switched to 4 sets of pin points. The 1.8 V and 3.3 V levels of IIC and SPI are optional.
RS232,422,485 Communication Bus 2 RS232 bus, 1 485 bus, 1 UART bus, 1 RS422 bus; 15 sets of pin points can be switched.

Panel Interface

USB Interface (Rear Panel) USB interface,1

HOST interface can be connected to SmartGiant USB devices (e.g., a camera for scanning codes, visual analysis, and customizing functions according to customers’ needs).

Communication Interface (Rear Panel) RJ45 network port, 1

Communication with PC software

Test Pin Point Interface DB62 interface, 2

The needle point can be switched to the internal instrument or designated function for measurement.

(Voltage ≤60 V, Current ≤0.5 A)

External Instrument Interface BNC interface, 8; banana socket test lead interface, 6

The needle point can be connected with an external instrument to control the external instrument for matrix needle point measurement.

(Voltage≤60 V, Current≤0.5 A)

Banana Socket The socket can be connected to the meter pen for manual measurement.

(Voltage ≤60 V, Current ≤0.5 A)

Communication Bus Interface DB32 interface, 1

IIC, SPI, communication bus interface

Power Connector 8-channel power supply; to provide power for the tested product, one of which is the remote control power supply.
RF Switch (Optional) SMA interface, 12, 2 outputs to connect to external instruments

Used to switch the radio frequency signal under test for the measurement of multiple radio frequency signals

Eload (Connected to External Instrument) Phoenix interface, 1, 8 channels

8-channel common ground Eload (can be used as 4-channel non-common ground Eload).

Input Power Interface

Input Voltage AC 220 V
Power ≤350 W