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Power Analyzer

Power Analyzer

  • 8V-14V adjustable output voltage, maximum continuous output current 8A.
  • Real-time collection of voltage, current and power data, which can be displayed graphically through software.
  • Support power supply data acquisition of external power supply device for external device power analysis.
  • Support using multiple devices simultaneously to enable parallel monitoring.
  • Support USB and network communication modes and localized data storage function.
  • Capable of power-on self-inspection and multi-faceted protection, including overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and over-temperature protection.



SG1233 Power Analyzer is mainly used for power supply and power analysis of 3C electronic products, and can monitor the voltage, current and power changes of products in real time through the upper computer software. With SG1233 Power Analyzer, designers and developers can analyze and optimize the performance of mobile devices, and maintenance and testing personnel can detect problems of devices.

Typical Application Block Diagram


power analyzer

power analyzer


Power Supply Input Voltage 19-24V
Input Current 8A(Max)
Power Output Output Voltage Range 0.8-14V
Continuous Output Current 10A(Max)
Conversion Efficiency 95%
Set Voltage Resolution 0.01V
Output Accuracy ±1%
Output Ripple <100mVpp(20MHz)
Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±0.1%*RD±0.01%*FS (15V)
Current Measurement Accuracy ±0.1%*RD±30uA (model 100mA)

±0.1%*RD±1mA (model 10A)

Power Analysis Voltage Measurement Range 0-15V
Maximum Input Current 8A
Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±0.1%*RD±0.01%*FS (15V)
Current Measurement Accuracy ±0.1%*RD±1mA (model 10A)

Models can be expanded with external resistors

Others Sampling Rate ≤250Ksps
Data Upload Interval 0.2ms one point
Local Storage Capacity 64G
Dimensions 175*120*36mm
Weight 820g
Working Environment 0~45℃,0~75%RH
Storage Temperature -20~70℃