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Brontes AI Macro Camera

Brontes AI Macro Camera

• Barcode Scanning

• LED Status Inspection

• OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

• AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)


SmartGiant is developing a new generation of ACE vision platforms for industrial/commercial application scenarios — AI cameras (Argos) for image acquisition, edge computers (Cratos) for parallel computing, and vision software (Eos) for online inspection, configuration, and debugging. The working distances of AI cameras cover 18–1000 mm, enabling both high resolution and fast inspection. Autofocus, global shutter (shooting while moving), and PC-free decoding features are also available for different application scenarios.

Brontes AI macro industrial camera is mainly used in industrial fixed macro code scanning scenarios, scanning and reading barcodes, QR codes, and micro DM codes on the surface of various types of products in automated production line equipment. It can offer optimized algorithms to direct part marking (DPM) and laser carved code and automatically perform intelligent calibration for flawed images. It also supports options such as autofocus, multi-code recognition, and on-chip decoding. It has a simple configuration and small size that is suitable for embedding in automation equipment and fixtures to meet the code scanning needs during the production process of the electronic products. In addition to supporting macro code scanning scenarios, Brontes can also be used in industrial visual recognition scenarios such as OCR, LED recognition, and AOI.

Model Brontes-001-001A/C
Type Macro Code Reader
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) (not conclude cable) 46 × 23.5 × 9.2 mm
Reading Specification Symbol Support QR code Data Matrix (ECC200)
Minimum Resolution QR code 0.1053 mm
Reading Distance 25-47 mm(A), 18-22 mm (C)
Reading View Range Minimum Range 14.88 × 11.16 mm
Maximum Range 47.36 × 35.52 mm
Shooting Element Type CMOS Rolling shutter
Illumination Provide external light source interface and light source light board
Reading Mode USB HID-KBW Equipment Continuous cycle trigger
USB CTRL Equipment Command trigger
Communication Interface Communication Standard USB 2.0
Communication Protocol USB CTRL, HID-KBW
Power USB-Type A USB supply power 5V @500 mA
Environmental Tolerance Shell protection level IP50
Working Environment No dust, no corrosive gas
Working Temperature -10 ~ 50℃
Storage Environment Temperature -20 ~ 70℃
Relative Humidity 35 – 85% (No condensation)
Weight (not include light board) 51 g
Shell Material Aluminum alloy, painted black