NYSA Modular Instrument Platform

The NYSA Modular Instrument Platform includes an embedded instrument module, plug-in whole machine, stand-alone instrument, and Test Bench. This versatile platform features a controller, signal processor, and accelerator based on FPGA technology, enabling integration of digital, FPGA controller, multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator, data recorder, audio analyzer, and other functionalities.

Wi-Fi 6 General Device

The Wi-Fi 6 General Device stands out as a high-performance communication device, thanks to its expertly designed hardware circuit, top-quality mobile end chip, and optimized software algorithms. This device offers users a portable, high-speed, stable, and secure experience, significantly advancing the intelligentization and humanization process of communication technologies. Leveraging the broadband technology support enabled by the edge computing intelligent system, this device ensures optimal throughput and magageability throughout the data transmission process. Additionally, the integration of Wi-Fi 6 technology faciliates seamless interconnectivity across devices, systems, and regions, enhancing efficiency and intelligentization of service systems.

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