Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line

Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line



The Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line Platform is a complete set of production systems used to simulate multiple processes in the production process of one or more products based on real production conditions, covering collaborative robots, transmission, pneumatic, AOI, FCT, test manager software (Archon Test Manager) and other actual production conditions. In industrial production, the Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line can transport the PCBA from the pallet to the FCT, read the relevant QR code information in the process, judge the placement situation, and then perform the electrical performance test. This production line can be used not only for actual industrial production but also for teaching and training.

Industrial Application Scenarios

  • Consumer electronics automated testing
  • Communication devices and computer automated testing
  • New energy industry automated testing

Teaching and Training Scenarios

Applicable to relevant majors of Intelligent Manufacturing College/Mechanical Automation College:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology
  • Machinery Manufacturing and Automation
  • Electrical and Electronic Technology
  • Electromechanical Drive Control
  • Automatic Equipment Detection Technology

Applicable to the training operation of the following courses:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology
  • Electronic Circuit Testing and Training
  • Circuit Board Testing and Commissioning
  • Electronic Circuit Installation and Testing
  • PCB Test Technology
  • Aerospace Electronics Hardware Test
  • Hardware Foundation
  • NC Programming of Laboratory Intelligent Equipment
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Other professional comprehensive practical training courses


3industrial engineering


The intelligent production line platform is composed of hardware and software.


(1) Feeding station: to feed the training line.

4 industrial engineering

(2) Robot: after the feeding conveyor line sends the product to the designated position, the robot first scans the code, and then grabs the product to the secondary positioning mechanism.


(3)Secondary positioning mechanism: to regularly position the placement of materials.

6 industrial engineering

(4)FCT test machine: to perform a functional test on DUT.

7 industrial engineering

(5) Blanking station: According to the product test results (OK/NG) feed into different product feedboxes.

8 industrial engineering


The comprehensive management and control platform of the Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Production Line integrates main functions such as test cases, test plans, authority management, system management, project management, logs, and self-inspection. It can effectively complete the management of loading and unloading mechanisms, collaborative robots, and FCT test platforms. The platform owns a friendly interface, as shown in the figure below. (The interface may change slightly with the software version being upgraded and iterated constantly.)

9 software interface


  • The Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line with self-inspection function, anti-leakage design, anti-misoperation design, emergency stop button, and abnormal handling mechanism can meet the safety requirements of industrial production, which can effectively avoid personal and product damage.
  • The platform test management software with user multi-level settings and password login to ensure different permissions for operators, technical debuggers, and managers.
  • A modular design is adopted for all devices, and a fixed pulley is set at the bottom of FCT test equipment, which is easy to move and can be fixed quickly and accurately after moving, avoiding deviation displacement during equipment operation.
  • Silent vibration reduction design is used in key parts such as belts, collaborative robots, and positioning transmission.
  • The automatic test production line enables one-click testing and one-person operation, which is labor-saving. The software interface is user-friendly and easy to operate, which supports various PCBA loading and unloading tests and coordinated control to meet the needs of automation applications and ensure the accuracy of loading and unloading. The automatic test production line also holds the functions of personnel intrusion alarm and pause.
  • The collaborative robot can quickly set relevant paths, positioning, grasping, and other actions through manual positioning or a simple graphical interface and other motion control commands, and can memorize, save, and call the set actions and paths. The positioning accuracy is up to ±0.05mm.
  • The visual recognition system enables code-scanning, collaborative robot grabbing the board, and confirming after the board is placed correctly. The success rate of QR code reading is higher than 90%.
  • PCBA loading and unloading are divided into the OK line and NG line, with the adjustable width of the line body, and these lines can be informed of abnormality and material shortage.
  • The product conveying line can adapt to different PCBA conveying requirements by adjusting the conveying line width.