NYSA Modular Instrument Platform

NYSA Modular Instrument Platform includes an Embedded instrument module, Plug-in whole machine, Stand-alone instrument, and Testbench. The controller, signal processor, and accelerator based on FPGA can easily integrate digital, FPGA controller, multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator, data recorder, audio analyzer, and other functions through the NYSA Modular Instrument Platform.

SG1229 Wi-Fi 6

SG1229 Wi-Fi 6 Medical Equipment, as a communication device with outstanding performance, benefited from the excellent design of the hardware circuit, the high quality and high-performance mobile end chip carried by the product itself, and the optimization of its own software algorithm, provides users with a portable, high-speed, stable and secure user experience, thus promoting the intelligentization and humanization process of communication devices. Wi-Fi 6 Medical Equipment, based on the broadband technology support provided by the edge computing intelligent system, enables the throughput required for the entire data transmission process to be most overall guaranteed and more manageable. The application of Wi-Fi 6 technology helps hospitals form cross-device, cross-system, cross-district, and cross-region interconnections to improve efficiency and promote the intelligentization of the entire healthcare service system.