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Schematic Diagram of Bench Bioreactor Solution

Revolutionizing Biomedical Devices: The Rise of Advanced Electronic System Solutions

The biomedical industry is increasingly focusing on cutting-edge fields such as biopharmaceuticals and high-performance medical devices. In the biopharmaceutical sector, bioreactor technology is widely used in manufacturing raw materials of drugs, intermediates and finished products. Pharmaceutical intermediates and finished drugs such as penicillin, amino acids, polysaccharides, and enzymes can be mass-produced via advanced bioreactor technology that significantly reduces production costs and effectively decreases environmental impact.   1. Challenges with Traditional PLC Solutions The typical solution for managing bioreactors involves using PLC systems to...

Horus is a set of software and hardware platforms customized for AI cameras. With an RV1126 quad-core processor, these platforms use mature software and hardware designs, have stable quality, and provide cost-effective solutions that help our customers accelerate their productization process and enable rapid product deployment to seize market opportunities. 1. Overview Smart Camera is a highly integrated micro machine vision system. This device integrates image acquisition, processing and communication functions into a single camera, including video acquisition, data storage, analysis, and...

Smartgaint Showcases Advanced Solutions at the 7th CMM Electronic Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition

On May 23, Smartgiant made a significant impact at the 4th China (South China) International Robotics and Automation Exhibition and the 7th CMM Electronic Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition, held at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. Upholding the exhibition's core values of "closeness, professionalism, dedication, and win-win," the event aimed to drive the evolution of electronic manufacturing technology and support comprehensive upgrades across the industry. The exhibition attracted a multitude of exhibitors and visitors, making it a highly successful...

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of Smartgiant Concludes with Strategic Directions Set for the Future

On May 20, 2022, Guangzhou Smartgiant Technology Co., Ltd successfully held its 2021 Annual General Meeting, presided over by Mr. Zhou Maolin, Chairman and General Manager. The meeting saw the attendance of the company’s directors, supervisors, and senior executives. During the meeting, nine key proposals were deliberated and approved, including the Annual Financial Statements for 2021 and the Profit Distribution Plan for the same year. The supervisory boards, independent directors, and the board of directors reported significant achievements from 2021 and...

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