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PAX Industrial Computer

PAX Industrial Computer

  • CPU+GPU Architecture
    • Cortex-A72+/A53 Mali-T860
    • More application scenarios
  • Flexible Customization
    • Serve for various user-defined software and hardware configurations
    • Faster function implementation
  • HD Large Screen
    • High-definition touch screen, integrated display and control
    • More efficient human-computer interaction
  • Multiple Interfaces
    • Dual network ports USB TF HDMI COM, reserving extended GPIO interface
    • More convenient equipment access
  • Stability and Reliability
    • Fan less heat dissipation, temperature detection and feedback
    • Continuous operation is more reassuring
  • 4G Network
    • Integration of mobile / China Unicom / Telecom
    • More flexible interconnection
  • Wi-Fi
    • Support Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz wireless network
    • Lower installation cost
  • Compatible Systems
    • Support Android and Linux operating system
    • Wider support system


With the development of industry and technology, “intellectualization” has become an important direction for the industry transformation. The application of industrial computer is more and more extensive. It is mainly used in industrial automation display, industrial handheld devices, medical treatment, smart home and other fields. This computer is designed and produced according to the technical requirements of professional display equipment,which has high requirements for screens. Industrial LCD screen has high standard requirements for service life, performance, technical support and other aspects. With its excellent performance, it has been widely recognized as the most high-end and ideal LCD screen at present.


Model OP1201 OP1003
Weight 1.86 kg 2.48 kg
Seize 255.2*174.0*48.8 mm 368.0*228.2*50.5 mm
Processor Cortex-A72 (Dual-core)+Cortex-A53 (Quad-core) Mali-T860 Cortex-A72 (Dual-core)+Cortex-A53 (Quad-core) Mali-T860
Display 10 inches, LCD 1280*800 capacitive touch screen 15.6 inches, LCD 1920*1080 capacitive touch screen
RAM 2 GB DDR3 (optional) 2 GB DDR3 (optional)
Storage 16 GB EMMC (optional) 16 GB EMMC (optional)
Network 100M Ethernet port; Gigabit Ethernet port ; Wi-Fi 100M Ethernet port; Gigabit Ethernet port ; Wi-Fi
RTC Support 3-day power-off storage Support 3-day power-off storage
Interface 2*USB 2.0 2*USB 2.0
1*100M Ethernet port + 1*Gigabit Ethernet port 1*100M Ethernet port + 1*Gigabit Ethernet port
1*RS485 +1* RS485 / RS232 * 1 ( switchable) 1*RS485 +1* RS485 / RS232 * 1 ( switchable)
Ship type power switch Ship type power switch
Wi-Fi antenna external interface Wi-Fi antenna external interface
Power Supply 12-30V DC power supply 12-30V DC power supply
System Android / Linux Android / Linux
Temperature Working temperature -10~50℃ Working temperature -10~50℃