Functional Testing (FCT)

The controller calls the interfaces of modular instruments via FPGA to generate input/output signals. Functional parameters of the Device Under Test (DUT), such as voltage, current, waveform, load capacity, chip programming, data transmission, and data reading/writing, are measured and tested by feeding the running input signals and examining the output signals. 

The embedded instrument platform is specially designed for automated production line testing, which can effectively simplify the function testing process and optimize production efficiency. The compact product controller module has a built-in SOC, is based on the mature architecture of FPGA + ARM, supports a variety of I/O channels and control interfaces, and is connected to high-speed signals via Ethernet. The platform is equipped with embedded instrument modules and IP libraries, which makes it easy to combine and control multiple instruments and comprehensive functions such as digital multimeters, signal generators, data recorders, audio analyzers, and electronic loads.