Multispectral High-definition Line-scan Camera Real-time Detection System

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Schematic of the Principle A line-scan camera adopts a line scan image sensor, which can achieve high-resolution, large field of view, and high-speed detection of ultra-high-level pixels. The typical application area is the detection of continuous materials, such as metals, plastic, paper, and fiber. For example, a 12 K line-scan camera, when the number of […]

Customization Services (ODM)


SmartGiant provides high-quality hardware/software customization services to help customers tackle product pain points and technical difficulties.

Photovoltaic Module Aging Tester


This tester can be used to simulate the power generation and aging process of solar panels with built-in programmable power supplies.

Modular PCBA Fixture

Modular Pcba Fixture

Featuring a flexible modular design and compact size, our PCBA fixture allows for easy embedment onto/into the automated production line

AI IRT Temperature Monitoring System

解决方案 Ai测温1

Integrated with AI face-identity recognition, the system also applies to contactless human temperature detection and real-time temperature screening deployed at public entrances or hallways.

Body Feature Recognition

Body Feature Recognition

AI video cameras are commonly used in crowded public places (e.g., shopping malls and convention centers) to capture and analyze foot traffic. Captured faces are compared with the system face library and tagged as returned or new visitors.

Arbiter – Firmware Generator

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SmartGiant provides users with GUI tools to conveniently generate firmware for modular instruments (standard or custom).

MMI Automated Tester for Electronic Products

Final Assembly

Our tester applies to functional circuit testing of finished cell phones. The content/items to be tested can be tailored to customer’s needs: headphone, microphone, USB, rear camera, keyboard, touch screen, etc. To switch between models or batches of DUTs, only the load board of a modular fixture needs to be changed.

R&D Testing


SmartGiant provides customizable testing for hardware products or engineering prototypes during our customer’s R&D stage.