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Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing & Test Operating System Comprehensive Training Lab

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Test Operation System

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Nysa Modular Instrument Platform

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Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line


Smartgiant cooperates with universities and vocational colleges to launch a new generation of information technology training program, which aims to provide universities with a platform for practice and innovation and provide application-oriented talents for the intelligent manufacturing industry, as well as build a composite teaching team capable of teaching ability and practical experience, so as to better support the construction of the industrial ecosystem.

Program Purpose

  1. Understand the whole process of production test automation in modern intelligent factories.
  2. Master the basic concept and operation process of testing and measurement.
  3. Proficiently operate automation test devices, instruments, and control software.
  4. learn to analyze and process test data.
  5. Write automated test case programs to improve test efficiency.
  6. Complete the graduation design with development tools, so as to enhance self-skills and employment competitiveness.

Program Introduction

The comprehensive training course is composed of hardware and software platforms:

Nysa Modular Instrument Platform

Test Operation System

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> Hardware

The training lab cored by Nysa hardware is built on the prototype of the intelligent test production line.The hardware platform consists of precision test and measurement modules, signal acquisition and generator modules, and Industry 4.0 intelligent production line. Each unit module can be trained individually or systematically based on the platform.​Modular Electronic Test and Measurement Instrument.
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Nysa Plug-in Instrument

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FPGA-based Controller


PMI Series Digital Multimeter


Data Acquisition and Oscilloscope


Signal Generator

Corresponding Training Courses

① Production Testing and Debugging Training of Electronic Products

② FPGA SoC Design

③ C Language Course Design

④ Electronics Integrated Course Total

⑤ Basics of Circuit Analysis

⑥ Electronic and Electrical

⑦ Embedded Experiment Development and Debugging

⑧ IoT Experiment

⑨ Sensor and Electronic Measurements

⑩ Basics of Analog Electronic Circuits

Industry 4.0 Intelligent Production Line

The Industry 4.0 intelligent production line platform is a complete set of production systems used to simulate multiple processes in the production process of one or more products based on real production conditions, covering collaborative robots, transmission, pneumatic, AOI, FCT, test manager software (Archon Test Manager) and other actual production conditions.

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> Software

It is equipped with a Smartgiant test operating system (Nysa Toolkit+Archon+Arbiter SDK), and the management is based on Smartgiant Nysa training hardware.​

Nysa Toolkit
Visual Application Software
  • Control instrument
  • Manage status
  • Upgrade device firmware
  • Virtualize instrument panel
Automated Test Manager
  • Powerful automated test development manager
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface
Arbiter SDK
Secondary Development Platform
  • Quickly build custom test sequences with an intuitive interface
  • Completed function block support
  • Friendly user interface
  • Can be saved to CVS format

Corresponding Training Courses

① Factory Production Test Case Debugging

② Device Management and Calling Operations

③ Data Collection and Analysis Statistical Operations

④ Test Content Adjustment and Writing Operation

⑤ Electronic Circuit Experiment

⑥ Industrial Network and Remote Control

⑦ Python, C, C++ Language Design

⑧ Sensors and IoT Construction Experiments

⑨ Entrepreneurship Competition, E-Competition Design

Practical Teaching Knowledge Points

Use software to manage various test devices; complete test plan arrangement; data report output, analysis and statistics; test system design tools Python, C/C++ language.


Enable students to hands-on operate the production test software and complete the test case process. The use of programming language design is applicable to scenarios such as debugging and verification of hardware systems, debugging at the NPI stage, and automated testing at the production stage.

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Easy to Learn and Use

One-click installation, unzip and run. The test plan can be established by dragging and dropping, and the instrument plug-in can complete the development of most test cases, so that students can understand how to effectively design, develop, maintain, and operate automation devices in multiple scenarios and complex test point environments in the actual manufacturing process equipment.
Easy to Teach

Plenty of test examples courseware and iconization; Students can interact with teachers on the large screen of the experiment, and can download and edit the experiment report online, and submit the experiment report online.

Easy to Manage
  1. The laboratory management interface provides remote monitoring and management of instruments for unified one-key setting/one-key reset.
  2. Multi-laboratory/multi-campus remote management/teaching.
  3. Instrument usage data management: Enable checking the model/serial number of each laboratory instrument and statistical analysis of the use time at any time to understand the utilization rate information of laboratory assets.